The Bylaws of FCO Nigeria specify four requirements for membership. These are as follows:

  • Having received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.
  • Acceptance of the purposes and statement of belief of FCO Nigeria.
  • Conduct which is consistent with Scriptural standards.
  • The maintenance of professional competency, good academic standing and personal and professional integrity.


  • GOVERNING MEMBERSHIP—shall be conferred by the board of trustees
  • ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP—this shall include:
    – Graduate Optometrists with the degree of OD or the equivalent
    – Students in an accredited School of Optometry working in a program leading to O.D  degree or equivalent
    – Persons who hold the degree of PhD or equivalent and are actively associated with an accredited Optometry School.
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP—Persons, students or spouses working in areas allied to or associated with the ophthalmic professions.
  • HONORARY MEMBERSHIP—Persons in fields other than Optometry, but who have allied to or associated with Optometry.
  • EMERITUS MEMBERSHIP—Any active, governing or associate member upon request if he is 70 years of age or older

If you have met the requirements for membership, being in agreement with the Statements of Purposes and Beliefs, and desire to become a member of FCO Nigeria, please click HERE NOW to register your membership.